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Hey, I’m Cam- CEO of integrity nutrition coaching!
Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach, Wife, Mom & Food Fanatic

I have a passion for helping and teaching people. I have been a certified personal trainer for years and watching people hit their goals is really what sets my soul on fire. Over the years of being a trainer, I have helped guide and watch 100s of people become the best versions of themselves! I love helping my clients with fitness and movement, but I'm also a major nutrition nerd! A large part of my coaching is about the foods they consume. The science behind food and nutrients and what they do for our bodies & performance is so interesting to me! I love to teach people everything I can about nutrition in hopes they pass it on to others. Hoping that I’m slowly building a healthier world one relationship at a time. I haven’t always known everything about nutrition or fitness, but I lost over 70 pounds at one point in my life! Read more about my journey and my own weight loss transformation, which helps give me the knowledge and experience to be able to effectively guide you through your own journey!

A healthy outside starts from the inside.

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“Working with Cam has been both amazing and life changing. Cam’s continuous guidance and encouragement through weekly (sometimes daily) check-in’s has given both the structure and accountability I needed as well as the support to hang in and prioritize myself even when it’s hard.”

“YOU have been my saving grace!!! You shoot straight, you know a woman’s body you have credentials/know what you’re doing! I truth you 100% with my fitness journey. Seeing your journey just proves that you had to work to get to where you are today. I LOVE having you as a coach! Best decision I made is 2022!! Hands down!!”

“Here I am 8 months later and I am so proud of myself and my results. Cam is a huge part of why I am where I am today! She is always sharing knowledge, recipes, checking in when she sees me slacking off, helping adjust my macros when needed, and teaches/lives by example!”

“I needed structure. Cam provided that through weekly check ins, weekly assessments, and weekly motivation to keep you going! Cam did a lot of mini-weekend challenges early on, which really helped me stay disciplined. The best part about working with Cam is she’s not going to tell you to go on a diet to lose weight. For nearly 10-weeks now I have been tracking Macros. Minor changes go a long way, and you will feel so much better physically & mentally.”

“Cam has taught me so much and helped me lose almost 80 pounds! I was eating 1000 calories a day some days, then binging on other days. I hated who I was. I didn’t feel confident and I didn’t know where to start. Working with Cam has changed my life! I love who I am, how I look, and have learned so much. Cam never let me talk badly about myself. I am not at my goal yet, but I am excited to get there & I know she will be celebrating with me when I do!”

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Working towards your goals is a lot of work. Your body is a complex machine that requires a lot of different nutrients to make it run optimally while reaching your goals, whatever they may be, in a timely manner.  

In addition to a whole foods diet, we can often use a little boost from supplements to make up for any nutritional gaps. Supplementation can be a game changer in making the progress you’re working hard for in the gym start to reflect in your appearance.

Choosing the right brand of supplements that is high in quality is key. That’s why I use 1st Phorm- not only does it taste amazing, but I trust their product’s quality and their company’s morals.