The Best Part About What I Do: Is You!

The best part about what I get to do, is you guys! Helping people reach their goals and feel better about themselves is indescribable. Teaching you all about healthy choices and fitness and then being able to watch you transform with that knowledge is a blessing. So, before I show you some of the #TeamIntegrity transformations and testimonials, I just wanted to take a second to say: 

Thank you.

Thank you for your trust, your support, and allowing me and the staff the ability to coach you every day. I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you guys! Out of all the trainers and nutrition coaches in the world, you picked us. I hope you know that I do not take that decision lightly and I’m here to help you achieve your goals! You can reach out to me any time. Thank you again!

Lots of love, Coach Cam

“I am the most pleased with my progress this 8 weeks than I have been with any other program or trainer I've ever had. I've always had men put me on restrictive diets and crazy workouts so I was always hungry, starving, and not fueling my muscles properly. Fine tuning the hard stuff has made all the difference. Logging the food, hitting my macros and adding in the greens and fish oils!!! That on top of weekly assessments where I know someone is checking behind me and looking at my photos was something I looked forward to. Adding more weight as a female has been a game changer as well. Oh! And the 1st phorm live videos are like catnip to me!!! SOOOOO GOOD! YOU have been my saving grace!!! You shoot straight, you know a woman's body, you have credentials/know what you're doing! I trust you 💯 with my fitness journey. Seeing your journey just proves that you had to work to get to where you are today. I LOVE having you as a coach!!! Best decision I have made in 2022!! Hands down.” -Maranda

“In 2021, I gained 30-40 pounds within 6-7 months! I knew I had to change! In September 2021 I found Cam and 1st Phorm and everything changed from there! Cam has taught me sooo much about nutrition that I never knew was so important! I love the app because it keeps me on track from over eating with my calories and macros! I love how consistent and honest Cam is with me, when I think I know it all.... she sets me back straight! It is hard work, dedication and consistency but it works !! She is always there to answer all my questions through my struggle and need for motivation! She checks in with me consistently!!” -Megan

“I started my journey with 1st Phorm when I saw my friend and now coach, Cam, post about them. I signed up and jumped in on my first challenge in July 2021. I had let myself go for far too long and didn’t recognize the person starting back at me in the mirror. I told myself that I was going to commit to this and see it through to the end, because I was always starting things, and no matter how good it was for me, I would still quit. So, I told myself this time would be different and I wasn’t going to break this promise to myself. Here I am 8 months later and I am so proud of myself and my results. Cam is a huge part of why I am where I am today! She is always sharing her knowledge, recipes, checking in when she sees me slacking off, helping adjust my macros when needed, and teaches/lives by example. I cannot wait to see what the next 8 months look like!” -Victoria

“Working with Cam and the 1st Phorm app has been both amazing and life changing. Cam’s continuous guidance and encouragement through weekly (sometimes daily) check-in’s has given both the structure and accountability I needed as well as the support to hang in and prioritize myself even when it’s hard.”

“Here I am 8 months later and I am so proud of myself and my results. Cam is a huge part of why I am where I am today! She is always sharing knowledge, recipes, checking in when she sees me slacking off, helping adjust my macros when needed, and teaches/lives by example!”

“Cam has taught me so much and helped me lose almost 80 pounds! I started working with her almost a year ago, and it was very apparent I had no idea what I was doing. I was eating 1000 calories a day some days, then binging on other days. I hated who I was. I didn’t feel confident and I didn’t know where to start. Working with Cam has changed my life! I love who I am, how I look, and have learned so much about working out and eating. Cam never let me talk badly about myself and even sent me a card when I lost my first 50 pounds. I am not at my goal yet, but I am excited to get there and I know she will be celebrating with me when I do!”

I didn’t even know what a ‘macro’ was when I first started training with Cam. She had to teach me literally everything and she was so patient through the process. She is always there to answer my questions and never makes me feel dumb for asking things. Cam takes the time to teach me how to be successful and confident in the gym- because of that I am down 32lbs in just a few months! Best choice I ever made was to message her for help!

Cam is the best and most positive person I have ever met! She will be your biggest cheerleader and supporter! But she is also extremely knowledgeable and experienced, so you will get results. Being a part of the team is definitely like having an extended family- everyone is there for each other! I love this fitfam!

“I first met Cam in Fall 2021. I realized I needed to make a commitment to myself to be the version of myself I wanted to be for my family. Working with Cam and the 1st Phorm app has been both amazing and life changing. Cam’s continuous guidance and encouragement through weekly (sometimes daily) check-ins has given both the structure and accountability I needed as well as the support to hang in and prioritize myself even when it’s hard. Her continued emphasis on establishing a lifestyle of positive habits rather than trying to be on a fad diet has changed both my relationship with food and myself. I’m so thankful to Cam for being who she is and partnering with me on this awesome journey!”

“The biggest game changer for my health and fitness goals has been nutritional knowledge. I never knew how to read a food label, or prep balanced meals before, but you’ve taught me so much about nutrition in order to be successful. Having the first phorm app to track macros, having preset macros, and having you checking in constantly all helps to keep me accountable. I wouldn’t have met as many of my goals without you!” -Claudia

“I started working with Cam for the 8 week transformation challenge, and I’m so glad I did. I was at a point where I wanted to workout, but couldn’t find the drive to do so. Then it hit me; I’ve been coached my entire life. I had strength coaches writing programs out for me throughout high school/college athletics, and was told you’re working out at this time on this day. I needed structure. Cam provided that through her services, as well as the 1st phorm app. Weekly check ins, weekly assessments, and weekly motivation to keep you going! Also, Cam did a lot of mini-weekend challenges early on, which really helped me stay discipline. The best part about working with Cam is she’s not going to tell you to go on a diet to lose weight. For nearly 10-weeks now I have been tracking Macros, and it has been
incredible. Minor changes go a long way, and you will feel so much better physically & mentally. Cam, thanks for guiding me through this journey, you’re awesome 😤💪🏽!!”

“Having Cam as a coach is like having the most empowering best friend. She is consistently there whenever I need her! The knowledge she possesses about heath and fitness is incredible, and she explains things so that I can understand. I’ve been struggling with my weight since a med change in 2020 and I had tried everything to get myself in control- HIIT classes, different “diets”, you name it. I’ve known Cam for a while, and one day I saw her post a picture from when she was strictly doing HIIT vs. her now and I knew I had to be part of whatever she was doing. That’s when I was introduced to 1st Phorm! The workouts in the app are so helpful, I love that if I don’t know how to do something I can just watch a video without having to switch to YouTube or google while in the gym. And the products!!! Level-1 is hands down the best protein I have ever had! I mix it with everything- water, coffee, yogurt- it’s always delicious. Having great supplements and a coach with the knowledge to guide you to know which you actually need has been life changing for me. Thank you so much Cam, you’re stuck with me.” -Rosie

“Cam is the best coach! She goes above and beyond for all of her clients! I swear she works 24/7- because she is always around to answer my questions! Cam is so great at what she does and how she does it- she’s just one of those people who you can tell loves what she does. Because of it, she is passionate about helping you reach your goals. Don’t get it mistaken- she will quickly call you on your bullshit and shoot you straight if needed! But she always does it out of love and determination to get us to our goals that we have set for ourselves! Best coach ever!!”

“Working with Cam is so refreshing because she is a busy mom who doesn’t make excuses. She’s quick to point out how we all have struggles, but we have a choice to overcome them or fall victim to them. It’s easy to decide to overcome them when she is there supporting you with all the tips to get you sustainable results. Cam is knowledgeable and has built an amazing community that helps keep us all on track!”

“Came for nutrition coaching, stayed for the community and amazing insight! Cam knows what she’s talking about and the people in the group have quickly become close friends. The 8 week challenges are motivating and the mini-challenge giveaways keep us focused. I love being on #teamcbfitness!”

Are You Ready to Stop Looking at Pictures and Start Working Towards Your Goals?

I know it can be intimidating to get started- I remember when I decided I needed to make a change. It was scary to take the first step. So feel confident in the fact that I know what it feels like to have 60+ pounds to lose. I know what it feels like to try to hide from pictures because you hate how you look. I know what it feels like to not be able to find any clothes to wear anywhere because you hate how they all look on you. I know what it feels like to wonder how you got to where you are and feel overwhelmed by how much work it’s going to take to change.

That’s why I would love to be your coach and help you take the first step on your journey. I promise that I have the knowledge and experience to help you work towards the goals you set. I have been where you are and turned it around. I would love to help you on the road back to feeling confident in your body and would love to have you on the team for the rest of my journey to my goals.

All you have to do is take the first step-