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One important factor in being successful is having a supportive community of likeminded people working towards similar goals. As well as a place where you can find reliable, scientific information to help you navigate the nutrition world. That is why I started our facebook community.

It’s made up of people all over the country working towards health and wellness. Inside the group we share weekly wins, recipes, and workouts. We do a ton of live trainings every week covering every topic from hormones to mindset to meal prep tips. There are people there to help answer any question you may have and to celebrate your wins. We do accountability groups, weekend challenges, and challenges that result in a ton of different giveaways and cash prizes.

The best part about the group is that we are all on our own health and wellness journeys, in different spots, so there is a ton of knowledge. Are you a busy mom just getting started and needing some help figuring out how to prioritize your time? We have a group of busy moms who figured out the routine that helped them succeed and can give you tips! Trying to build some lean muscle and look more defined? We have a ton of people who have done that and can offer insight. Starting on your journey and your friends/spouse aren’t really into it? We’ll support you and celebrate your wins and accomplishments! Want to learn more about nutrition and tracking macros? I do educational posts and weekly zooms and YOU'RE INVITED!

This community is one of the best parts about joining the team- and it’s free! Ready to meet your Fit Fam?

Now Let’s Get To Work

Working In the App You'll Be Able To:

From counting your macros and daily workouts, to daily live streams and a community focused on your progress ... you have the opportunity to TransPHORM your life. It’s not going to be easy, but all the tools are provided and we’ll support you, so you will definitely hit your goals!

Personalized Macro Balances
Based on Your Activity Levels and Goals

✔️ Ability to customize macros to fit your lifestyle.

✔️ Barcode Scanner connected to the largest food database in the world.

✔️ Ability to save custom meals to food bank, making food tracking simple and fast.

Daily Live Streams
To Teach You Everything From Fitness to Nutrition

✔️Exclusive education from 1st Phorm’s staff of Registered Dietitians and NASM Certified Nutrition Specialists.

✔️Learn how to utilize the app and the methods that helped previous TransPHORMers, from the team that helped get them there.

7 Different Workout Programs
Either in the Gym or At Home

✔️3 Different levels of every program (beginner, intermediate, advanced).

✔️Video demos and detailed form cues.

✔️Track your reps and weights right in the app to track progress.

Direct Access to Me
Chat Feature that Connects You Directly to Me

✔️Real live support from me.

✔️Ask Questions and Send/Receive Pictures & Videos.

✔️Quick Response Time!

Track Your Progress
Every Picture & Weigh In Securely Saved

✔️Weekly check in’s to monitor changes.

✔️Weight tracked to see trends.

✔️Everything safely & securely stored in the app- not on your phone!

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The best decision you can make for yourself today is to take the first step. Reach out through the contact page with any questions, I’m always here to help!

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